UKE – A Shadow Walking

I sense something special is afoot here. With latest cut A Shadow Walking, UKE aka Dave Cheetham demonstrates his burgeoning aptitude for planting sonic seeds from which one increasingly expects wonderous electronic flora to emerge.

I consider myself particularly fortunate to have experienced Dave’s formidable musicality first hand in his previous drumming engagement for My Architects, sharing four topsy-turvy years in the mid-noughties playing keyboards atop his considered and often deceptively complex grooves. Here his rhythmic sensibilities are on full display, cleverly underpinning timeless hooks carved from vocal sample and a chilled (but never chilly) atmospheric arrangement.

His output already gathering plaudits via the likes of Fresh On The Net is no real surprise – these are quality sounds which will please many a pair of ears. The only question now is, at what point will the rest of the world catch up?

Mike Phillips