Amygdala – Battery

There’s something very mysterious about the lo-fi electronic songsmithery of Milla aka Amygdala. Perhaps it’s the lack of any discernable biography, maybe the music itself. Certainly, tracks like Battery are beautifully constructed – like great modern architecture – yet quirky enough to leave an indelible print upon your soul. And unlike so many more-serious-than-thou electronic hipsters, there’s a cutting sense of humour at play too; “I wanted to feel your energy / but I’ve just licked a battery”, like a great lost Mark E Smith lyric but with an added dose of self-deprecation for good measure.

In Amygdala’s creations there are many similarities to those of Liverpool psych-folksters Stealing Sheep, not least the joyous approach to harmony, sparse arrangements and affinity for uncomplicated synth sounds. It’s wickedly engaging and I sincerely hope we get to hear more.

Mike Phillips