Tom Hardwick Allan – Li / Unwritten Confession 2

I’ve always been very open to admit that TRU LUV has an agenda in showcasing Manchester artists – and certainly in the last few months I’ve noticed the emergence of a talented new generation, all connected by a willingness to experiment and collaborate.

With this being said, I’m delighted to introduce Tom Hardwick Allan, a solo artist taking his first steps in uncompromising fashion. Its not clear whether these demo tracks were ever really meant to be heard by a wider audience (I get the impression he doesn’t yet realise his own talent) but what is clear is his ability to present intimacy to devastating effect.

On Unwritten Confession 2 his baritone vocals drowsily cut through a swirl of noise: this is heartbreaking material, both raw and honest. li exposes him yet further: a ghostly hum, a despondent howl and lyrics so sad that you find yourself crying at unreasonable times in the morning, with nothing but a window to look out of in the hope that someone somewhere is falling in love with the same song you are.

Phill Young