Edits – Where Nobody Else Goes

It wasn’t so long ago that a band called Embers emerged in Manchester. Embers are about to release stunning new single ‘Part of The Echoes’ to universal acclaim, and headline a sold out Now Wave show – their progression to this level seems to have happened overnight but the reality has always been that they worked very hard behind the scenes and deserve every bit of success they go on to achieve. It leads me to wonder if they might have opened the gates for a band like Edits to burst through? They certainly share similar visions, both creating noise that pounds against the ear as much as it tickles.

Standout track Where Nobody Elses Goes taken from EP Dusk/Dream/Dawn is as beautiful as it gets: it’s hard not to think of Regine Chassagne and the early brilliance of Arcade Fire. High praise indeed.

Edits are an intriguing proposition right now, they have so much potential but need to push themselves, be brave – because their dark and brooding post rock deserves a wider audience. This is a band that needs to reach for the heavens.


Phill Young