The Red Falcon Projects – Clocks Counting Backwards

“On the outskirts of a nuclear war torn city lies RFP. A place where the sounds, soul and trash of a bygone electronic era come to dance the night away. Welcome to the future…” – The Red Falcon Projects

Which somehow sums things up quite meticulously. The reissue of this Portland duo’s Microtonal Acid Dub is itself a strange recreation of a bygone electronic era, albeit one which occurred only two years ago. Remastered from the last remaining tape of what was a criminally limited-edition cassette-only release, pleasing analogue movements sit atop a canvas kissed with the ghostly lips of warm hiss, and will feel eerily familiar to those still understandably smitten with Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Works”.

Despite the minimalist arrangements, the deep and dark kick drum, the knowingly persistent squelch of 303, be under no illusions: this is by no means an empty homage to the all-time granddaddy of ambient acid. This is a different environment, a different time. Any trace of bleary-eyed rave nostalgia is carefully obliterated by persistently hypnotic wordless depictions of a dystopian landscape scarred by it’s own old malevolence.

And if this wonderful discovery alone provides not enough tonal nourishment for ravenous ears, next month we are to be endowed with another full-length, “Simply Ravishing” via Dilated Time Records. Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

Mike Phillips