The Big LeBEATski – Reality Escape (feat. Fairyfriend)

For all my reservations about that name, LA’s Eli Goss/Lebeatski (or The Big LeBEATski if you’re not into that whole brevity thing) sure does make exciting colourful noise.

It’s schizophrenic, yes: but any nagging doubts are soon blown away by the many other occasions when stars align, causing mesmeric oscillations of psychedelic sound to twist and swirl in sweet orbit around the brain. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the title track of his latest release, Flower Children In The Age Of Singularity, a hypnagogic synergy of glo-fi sonics and jittery distorted beats which resonate like a Flaming Lips instrumental being torn apart and stitched together again by Pepepiano.

But let it be known, the art of the dense electronic tapestry is not the only colour to Lebeatski’s vast palette. Contrast this with the jazzy nods to Flying Lotus in “2,000 4,000” and the joyous acid-baked Axelrod-esque bass riffing in “Reality Escape”, and you clearly have one immensely talented producer.

If you can’t hear that man, then you’re clearly not a golfer.

Mike Phillips