The Last Dinner Party – Nothing Matters

I think anyone that loves new music, awaits moments like this, where you hear a song for the first time, and within a few seconds find yourself giddily in love with said song. It’s hard not to get carried away by the sensation. Nothing Matters is honestly a staggeringly glorious debut single, and the hype growing around The Last Dinner Party feels entirely justified.

I know a little bit about hype. My former band Christian AIDS found ourselves on a similar trajectory, and we crumbled under the weight of it. So, let’s look at this with a little perspective – they’ve already hit the front page of just about every major music website. That doesn’t happen by chance, they’ve created something that is fully realised.. the real deal. Guitar music of course seems to have a renaissance every year, with the next batch of bright young things thrown to the wolves. The music industry better look after them though , because they’ve got it in spades.

Conceived during a wine-stained evening in Brixton, the name embodies a musical and aesthetic ethos of decadence, mystery, spectacle and charm. Singer Abigail, guitarists Emily and Lizzie, keyboardist Aurora and bassist Georgia weave a fantasy of haunting melodies, explosive choruses, and lyrics that embrace tragedy and triumph in equal measure. With hints of Sparks, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush and a splash of ABBA thrown in for good measure, I dare you not to listen to Nothing Matters and feel like this isn’t the start of something beautiful.

Gaining a reputation for raucous live shows, leading audiences through the soaring crescendos, they’ve gathered a dedicated and growing company of attendees with every performance. The Last Dinner Party play The Deaf Institute on Friday 28th July

You are cordially invited