Tanz Ohne Musik – Frozen In Time

Why can’t there be more dark krautrock in the world? Well apparently it seems there is, much of it emerging from the hands of Bucharest’s Dan Serbanescu, and at quite a prolific rate. Quite how his efforts have managed to escape my attention before now is beyond me. Somehow I managed to miss the unmissable. How he manages to skirt beneath the radar of almost everybody else is even more perplexing. Surely it won’t be long until the lid is finally blown off this thing? It’s just so immense.

Frozen In Time, the first of six tracks on latest release “Soft In The Sun” is a veritable smorgasboard of psychedelic synth sounds; pulsing, wobbling, droning, gradually building a teutonic tension which ultimately never quite finds release. In atmosphere it bares some similarities to the The Soft Moon, albeit without the sense of frantic paranoia – instead there is a more languid, hypnotic, druggy feel which is absolutely engrossing and utterly addictive.



Mike Phillips