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Elizabeth Vince – I Was All I Was


Manchester’s Elizabeth Vince first came to my attention as a member of Laekyn, an electronica outfit that dealt in downbeat digitalism. Vince’s ethereal and lovelorn vocal work stood out… so news that she would be releasing a debut solo EP left me intrigued.

Our Loving Cage is certainly a rich canvas of ambience and glacial beats, it’s defining moment I Was All I Was is a beautiful composition of shimmering synths and industrial glitch. Vince’s tender and fragile voice finding strength towards its climax.

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‘Our Loving Cage’ EP is available to download here:

Phill Young

House Of Dolls – Yellow Turns Grey


If St. Vincent and Amnesiac-era Radiohead got together in the studio, the end result would probably sound something like House Of Dolls – a duo comprising of Marie Celeste and Kit Lawrence from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Yellow Turns Grey is a winding, off-kilter track sparked by stark sounding beats, wiry, dissonant guitar riffs, chiming orchestration and murmured, disconnected vocals. Like a black and white rainbow, its paranoid funk conjures a distinctive Lynchian mood. A world of buzzing flies and blinking strip lights – hallucinations and cold sweats at three A.M. when your reflection’s your only friend. Like a facsimile of itself, its looping eccentricity is a large part of its appeal.

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Paul Baird

Toboggan – Matryoshka


This 4-track EP despatched right in the meat of December via The Villa (a label and artist collective including Ryan Hemsworth) managed to slide inconspicuously past me and apparently quite a few others amidst the usual festive rush. Montreal’s Toboggan aka Corey Martin, certainly produces dynamic electronica. My favourite moment of title track Matryoshka is when the cymbals come jolting in – it tickles the old dendrites in a jarring fashion oddly reminiscent of ‘Harmonious Ascent’ by Pendle prog-popsters tRANSELEMENt – it’s all sunshine, optimism and architectural stimuli. Also, the judiciously musical use of white noise throughout the EP (wait for it) is quite a joy to behold; I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used quite in this way before.

It’s exciting stuff. The alphabetically inept amongst us might file next to Miaoux Miaoux, but there’s a glaring, daring imagination at play here, simultaneously familiar and original.

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Mike Phillips

c0rrid0rs – étrangé


c0rrid0rs is a promising new producer currently residing in Dalston, but having spent his early years aimlessly wandering around Manchester. I know from experience that wandering around without purpose usually leads you to finding doors you weren’t looking for – I’m glad I opened this one.

Influenced by the likes of John Talabot, Baths and the most obvious reference point – Holy Other, étrangé is a triumph, with close attention paid to the texture of each sound, its a beautifully crafted piece that buries itself deep into your soul.

His other tracks are certainly worth investigation (XFLZ in particular) and these little experiments are clearly leading to a more focused realisation – c0rrid0rs could be about to create something truly special.

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Phill Young