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Toboggan – Matryoshka

This 4-track EP despatched right in the meat of December via The Villa (a label and artist collective including Ryan Hemsworth) managed to slide inconspicuously past me and apparently quite a few others amidst the usual festive rush. Montreal’s Toboggan aka Corey Martin, certainly produces dynamic electronica. My favourite moment of title track Matryoshka is when the cymbals come jolting in – it tickles the old dendrites in a jarring fashion oddly reminiscent of ‘Harmonious Ascent’ by Pendle prog-popsters tRANSELEMENt – it’s all sunshine, optimism and architectural stimuli. Also, the judiciously musical use of white noise throughout the EP (wait for it) is quite a joy to behold; I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used quite in this way before.

It’s exciting stuff. The alphabetically inept amongst us might file next to Miaoux Miaoux, but there’s a glaring, daring imagination at play here, simultaneously familiar and original.

Mike Phillips