MACH-iV – Ropes

Beyond a soundcloud with a few followers MACH-iV no longers exists. But I believe the beginnings of a story are just as important as the middle and the end.

MACH-iV is an idea conceived by Manchester’s Sam Price-Salisbury. I wrote about him here:
Its pretty upsetting knowing a really beautiful song will remain unheard, so I felt it important to share these demo’s with you… especially as there is every chance they might be deleted at some point.

Ropes is a subtle, brooding affair.. and beautifully composed. The piano serves as a heartbeat, chiming under lovelorn vocals. Its guitars teeter on the edge, longing for a moment when they can explode into noise, but ultimately it never comes. It’s this tension that holds the song together.

Be sure to listen to the other MACH-iV tracks online, mostly featuring the tender voice of Alice Simkins: Ghosts in particular is a stunning Cocteau Twinseque piece of material.

Sam is also the lifeblood behind BLOOM who released “Lords” – a limited edition tape on SWAYS earlier this year. I’m trying to avoid putting too much pressure on him by using hyperbole but to be honest I find it very difficult to reign in my excitement. After watching him perform live with BLOOM at the Brudenell Social Club last week, I found myself glowing on the inside. I hope you glow too.

Phill Young