Plastic Crown – Eulogy / Blood

Plastic Crown is a solo project from Manchester’s Sam Price-Salisbury.
I first met Sam a year ago: we were both part of a growing SWAYS musical community that gravitated around The Bunker, but whose ideas were spreading much further.
I’ve watched from afar as various tracks under different names have emerged and disappeared.. but one thing is obvious to me, Sam has the kind of talent they can’t teach you.

‘Eulogy’ is an 8 minute masterpiece, interspersing TS Eliot’s Wasteland, a clanging of a bell, a sombre organ and lovelorn vocals with fuzzy, intelligent production. As an opening statement, its really quite something.

‘Blood’ is just really beautiful and I can’t stop listening to it.
Its hard not to compare Sam with Jamie Lee from M O N E Y – both have vocals that seem to reach for something more spiritual, like angels in paradise. Whatever he decides to focus on, I’m convinced his ideas will bloom into something very special.

Phill Young