Kieran Gallimore – Old Wounds

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for longer than is perhaps reasonably comfortable. That others may soon now have opportunity to share my awkward but justifiable man-crush upon the wistful baritone of Warrington’s Kieran Gallimore fills me with the kind of sacred inner warmth you can only usually achieve by nailing fifteen bowls of Ready Brek next to an open fire on a frosty morning.

Old Wounds, to be released on July 7th, is his opening solo salvo for Rest In Peace Records (Temple Songs, Dark Bells, Black Manila) and promisingly for a track which rests solely upon his aforementioned vocals and acoustic guitar, manages to tickle and taunt the old heartstrings in such a way that by the time it happens, it’s already too late. You’re already pressed up against the window, mournfully watching an overcast sky as raindrops become tears.

After years of watching Kieran’s promising projects threaten to outgrow Warrington’s slightly tepid musical fish bowl, I’ve never been more confident that this time he will find the audience his uncomplex but beguilingly brilliant creations deserve.

Mike Phillips