DASHCAM – Switchblade Runner

It’s the way we evolve that makes humans so exciting. Milwaukee’s Donny Jankowski (Ghost Kid, Spooky Child, Donny & The Robot) has evolved so many times you daren’t avert your gaze, or even blink; each new phase arriving quicker, fresher and bolder than the last.

Switchblade Runner is perhaps my favourite from his latest batch of 80s-inspired synth productions. There’s some classic John Carpenter-isms there, and they’re brilliant, but most of all there’s a melodic sensibility which reminds me instantly of The Cure. If Bobby Smith had popped the red pill rather than the blue pill before making an instrumental Disintegration – then crashed headlong into a psychedelic mountain of analogue synthesizers – it could in all probability have finished up a lot like this.

Dig out your Betamax, power up the neons and hold on tight, there’s a sexy sound on the way.

Mike Phillips