Gavin Miller – Somniloquy (N3 i)

I feel a little embarrassed for the music industry sometimes… because how can someone as talented as Gavin Miller remain in the shadows? As one half of both Ghosting Season and worriedaboutsatan, Miller knows the frustration of trying to get his music heard by a wider audience. Releasing his work via self-created label This Is It Forever is one such solution. Without a huge budget behind you, the vast majority of independent musicians would be wise to learn this kind of approach. Let’s be honest, thanks in no small part to the mindless butchery of facebook and myspace, it’s difficult these days to get fans you’ve already made to hear your music, let alone reach out to potential new ones.

I guess then it came as no surprise then that I missed the initial fanfare for Gavin’s debut solo album, Somn – one of the most beautiful and compelling albums to be released so far this year. Somniloquy (N3 i) was the track that hooked me, a 7 minute dreamscape that begins with a thundering Joy Divison-esque bassline and ends swimming in a sea of electronic noise, about to wake up.

Somn is available through This Is It Forever Records. Buy it

Phill Young