D R O H N E – Sample Pictures

The recent revival of Liverpool’s music scene has been well documented. For me, Outfit were the band that first got my attention (‘Performance’ is last year’s most underrated album) and most recently Holly Lapsley Fletcher has been making serious hype waves. Electronica duo D R O H N E (yeah that whole capital letter thing is getting pretty dull) worked with Lapsley before she got discovered and it can surely only be a matter of time before these kids do something, having spent the last few months creating beautifully dark and ambient soundscapes.

Comprising of Luke McCulloch and Richie Craddock, there is an obvious hunger there… seeing them perform live in Manchester earlier this year left me intrigued as the hoods that they were were hiding under revealed something more delicate, more anxious that I had previously imagined. This anxiety is also found in Sample Pictures, the first track taken from debut EP ‘Parasite’, produced by Espher. Don’t expect to sleep easily after listening, it’s a moody affair filled with regret and an intense sadness.


Phill Young