D/R/U/G/S – You Are Everywhere (ft. Rebecca Rivers)

I’ve known Cal Wright for a long time now, seeing him in many different bands as a teenager. And knowing just how hard he worked on the D/R/U/G/S project, it was of great satisfaction to see it explode across the blogosphere back in 2010. In Love/Lust, the sound he had created was immediate, contemporary and very infectious. Over the last few years, his ideas have progressed, unafraid to experiment with unconventional beats – EPs The Source Of Light (Different Recordings) and Elevate (Bad Life) were clear indications that D/R/U/G/S was one of the most exciting producers around.

New track You are Everywhere is a truly exceptional cut of music, reminiscent of Underworld’s Rez, its a warm, sonically pleasing piece of work…and with the additional beauty of Rebecca Rivers soulful debut vocals (who is clearly someone to look out for) one can only hope we hear more collaborations from them in 2014


Phill Young