Y.O.U – Heavy Crown

A few years ago Elliott Williams handed me a demo CD during a Frightened Rabbit gig, his band Airship went on to become a local success story… tracks like ‘Spirit Party’ and ‘Algebra’ propelling them to stadium tours with Biffy Clyro and Editors. I was lucky enough to persuade them to play my basement; I’ll never forget the chaotic scenes as over a hundred people packed into a small room and crowd-surfed to Kids. If I’m honest I was a little disappointed with debut album ‘Stuck In This Ocean’ when it finally emerged. The material felt over-polished/produced, losing a bit of it’s original beauty/edge but fuck, I LOVED it all the same. Sadly it never quite happened for them, with Elliott eventually joining Editors on a permanent basis.

Now, Elliott has returned with an exciting and original direction as Y.O.U (Your Own Universe), producing his new material in Paris for the eclectic Tigersushi label. Heavy Crown is an unexpected (and highly refreshing) cut of danceable electronic pop blended with brooding post-punk. I’ve listened to it repeatedly this last couple of days with it’s weird chorus drilling way down into my head: an absolute triumph.

You can buy the vinyl here.

Phill Young