Walk – Walk

Walk is the exciting new sequencer blues project of Manchester’s Rik Warren and David Schlechtriemen. On stage they’re captivating, a seated Warren spews out rootsy, whisky soaked vibes, uniquely flicking his fingers across a fuzz toned guitar – Schlechtriemen is a whirlwind, all wild hair flailing, sticks thumping, triggering electronic beats and noises in his wake. Howlin’ Wolf it ain’t. Imagine a scuzz injected Seasick Steve with a sequencer and a few more strings on his guitar and you get the idea.

Walk, the title track from their moreish debut EP, succeeds in sounding simultaneously nostalgic and forward facing. It combines the rich heritage and elements of the blues style with a contemporary, Beck-esque, beat driven potency. What more do you want?


Paul Baird