Verity Susman – To Make You Afraid

Electrelane defied and transcended all the usual indie rock constraints over a period of 10 years together, producing one of my favourite albums of all time in No Shouts No Calls.

I was lucky enough to promote one of Verity Susman’s first solo outings under the name Vera November back in 2010. In the time since she’s toured intermittently, including a handful of dates with the still active Electrelane and released her first official solo material…

To Make You Afraid is the creation of an artist experimenting sonically and vocally. Organs sigh beneath a swirl of electronics as Verity’s voice takes centre stage, from textured emotive refrains to melodious howls. In addition, Jack Barraclough’s visual’s playfully cut and paste into a psychedelic world constructed with science fiction fantasy – its unmistakably brilliant.

Phill Young