Veladrome – Violent Deer

Out of all the new bands out there who share a love of the ‘dark’ aesthetic – and there are many – there are very few as fundamentally exciting and dynamic as Veladrome.

Swaying violently from contemplative and moody drone imaginings to grainy, visceral post-punk, the Manchester duo successfully straddle the delicate balance between endearingly lo-fi and scarily engaging. Slower, more elegiac passages such as “Seeger (Parts 1 and 2)” bear more than a passing resemblance to “Fuck The Curfew” EP-era Mogwai as if drained of all post-rock cliche before being endowed with searching, effected vocal. Meanwhile the post-apocalyptic C86 squall of latest track John Wayne could strike instant panic into the most fearless of souls.

Best of all, they achieve this with willfully minimal equipment, no samples. In spite of all the obvious limitations, their potential is simply frightening.

Veladrome play Dulcimer on June 13th with Holy Esque and Tear Talk.

Mike Phillips