Tom Hickox – White Roses Red

Tom Hickox is an important figure in my life, marking the start of 6 years as a DIY promoter in Manchester.

It was never the plan to put on gigs: I began by writing for the then influential fanzine High Voltage. In the process, I kept finding new artists I wanted to help out, and putting on gigs seemed like a pro-active and exciting way to do so. Its a risky (often financially ruining) way to live but these experiences have shaped me as a person, and given me beautiful memories and friendships.

Its been a slow ascent to recognition for Tom: his debut album, the self-released Fear In a Handful Of Dust is a beautiful and undiscovered masterpiece. Hopefully these tracks will be released again in some form. Its pretty easy to throw around references to his baritone voice and storytelling songcraft (Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen) but he’s a unique talent deserving of such comparisons.

I’m delighted he’s now signed to Fierce Panda and War, Peace and Diplomacy will be released in February.

Phill Young