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The Underground Youth – Naked


I can’t believe it’s been over a year since the (now sold out) vinyl release of The Underground Youth’s last LP ‘The Perfect Enemy For God’ – a lost Manchester classic that seemingly went under the radar of the majority of music journalists. If only someone at *insert name of influential website* would delve into their now impressive back catalogue of 6 albums and one EP, they might discover a band that has matured into something very special indeed. Comprising of husband and wife duo Craig and Olya Dyer, and guitarist Thomas Josef E, The Underground Youth have established themselves within the DIY psyche scene but really deserve a wider audience. Could Naked, taken from forthcoming EP ‘Beautiful & Damned’ (Fuzz Club Records) be the track to do it? Wrapped in post-punk influences from the obvious (Jesus and Mary Chain) to hinting at more modern reference points (The XX) it’s a spellbinding track that shows restraint towards sound… a stoned, lazy beauty, that remains effortlessly cool throughout.

Pre-Order ‘Beautiful & Damned’ by The Underground Youth here. Release date 25/10/2014

Phill Young

The Underground Youth – The Perfect Enemy For God


The Underground Youth have released new album The Perfect Enemy For God on limited edition vinyl through Fuzz Club Records.

Criminally ignored by the Manchester scene; its been a slow process of self discovery for Craig Dyer, who started the project in his bedroom and has now recorded several albums there. I guess its indicative of the modern era that an artist can be largely unknown in their own city but find a growing and loyal fanbase online. The Underground Youth are a true DIY success who have figured out how to turn your musical influences into something new and exciting. This skillfully crafted record is certainly worthy of your attention.

‘The Perfect Enemy For God’ available to buy 300 copies only.

Phill Young

The Underground Youth – Midnight Lust


The Underground Youth are one of the reasons I started this blog.. a Manchester band that is (for whatever weird reason) largely ignored by the music scene here.

I want that to change. You only need to delve a little into an ever-growing back catalogue to know we’re missing out. This band was SWAYS before SWAYS even existed.

Comprising of Craig Dyer, Olya Dyer and Thomas Josef E – The Underground Youth are clearly influenced by the likes of Jesus and The Mary Chain, Joy Division and Slowdive. A personal favourite is Midnight Lust, a dark brooding bitch of a number. I’m genuinely excited to share them with you.

Phill Young