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Ship Of Fools – I’ll See You On The Other Side


He shrunk more and more from the realities of life and above all from the society of his day which he regarded with an ever growing horror.

It was during a Bernard & Edith gig in a Whalley Range Church last year, that singer Paul Blake let me into his secret – Ship Of Fools. Even listening through the cheap set of earphones, I could tell something very special was in the midst of being created.

Ship Of Fools are new and… not new, having previously released material under the same name in the mid 90’s. I admire any band that can re-invent themselves, even more so years later… but you can hear the life experience in every note. I was amazed to discover Blake’s vocals are being used for the first time, because with his subtle Morrissey-esque tones, they are beautifully resplendent. I’ll See You On The Other Side is a vivid introduction, shimmering guitars dancing in full colour with more than a shade of Cocteau Twins. This is a song about loss and hope… each word carefully chosen, each nuance poignant and from the heart. Ship Of Fools is a complete vision both lyrically and musically – I can’t wait to hear more.

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Phill Young

The Louche – Hands (From The Kites Of San Quentin Remix)


Kyoko Swan, lead singer with Manchester’s The Louche has the potential to be one of the greats: her live performances are both beautiful and brave, her songwriting as good as any of her contemporaries.
Previous releases Salt and Romantic are the kind of songs that have the capacity to steal hearts and minds. Behind the scenes however, the band have faced difficulties and upheaval. A fiery relationship nearly destroyed The Louche from within. I almost lost hope that they would return to us.

…But after darkness must come light. A renewed line-up and a headline show at Soup Kitchen with friends Father Sculptor and Emperor Zero left me speechless. I can honestly say that my excitement for the new material has reached orgasmic levels: they were simply incredible.

Which brings me to this stunning remix of Hands, recently revealed by From The Kites of San Quentin. Built around Kyoko’s voice, Kites deliver beautifully composed soundscapes of dark atmosphere and industrial texture: this is exactly the kind of forward thinking electronica that Manchester deserves.

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The original version is available to download free here:

From the Kites of San Quentin are due to return in July with a new EP titled 7.83Hz Earth Chorus on Victoria Warehouse Records

Phill Young