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Bernard & Edith – Poppy


Manchester electronica duo Bernard & Edith are to blame for my untidy house. FACT. I had serious plans for a spring clean today… and Henry Hoover is just sat there looking at me with a sadness in his eye. Poppy is one of those songs that makes you drop everything you’re doing, the kind of distraction you’re relieved to have.

It’s felt for a while now that Manchester’s musical resurgence has not been down to one particular movement or specific sound, more a DIY ideology that can be found in pockets of activity across the city. I’ve often likened Whalley Range based vocalist Greta Edith to Grimes with a hint of Coronation Street – she has this genuine warmth and attitude that really sets her apart from everyone else. Poppy is a stunning piece of work, dark and atmospheric – accompanied by the perfect visual representation.

Poppy is released via SWAYS and available for pre-order now

Phill Young

Hartheim – Yellow

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“Your God has so much to answer for”

As an opening statement, the intent of Manchester collective Hartheim is laid bare in brutally ambitious debut offering Yellow.

It’s not often a piece of music delivers the kind of tension or unnerving beauty found here… but then its pretty clear that Hartheim are not your typical band. Lyrically brave; the track details the consequences of living with disease and addiction, vocals murmur and howl above a swirling industrial backdrop. At nearly 7 minutes long, this is a substantial and atmospheric journey we are being taken on. Recorded in the infamous SWAYS Records Bunker with producer Martin Hurley, it never panders to those in need of a quick fix, preferring to build slowly towards an epic conclusion.

A new year, a new Manchester already blooming in the little sunlight it receives.

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Yellow will be self released on limited edition cassette alongside a remix from renowned Manchester producer, BLCK LNG.

Phill Young

Naked (On Drugs) – Lee Ann’s Skin


After much anticipation, Naked (On Drugs) have today announced details of their debut 7″ Lee Ann’s Skin, to be released on cult Salford label SWAYS. The duo, comprising of lead-singer Sebastien Perrin and guitarist Luke Byron Scott, have found themselves captivating audiences locally, thanks in no small part to Perrin’s enigmatic, almost Lynchian live performances.

Having developed a unique sound that channels the dirty guitar music of The Bad Seeds whilst drawing upon Eastern European folk, Naked (On Drugs) are joining a long tradition of artists, like Scott Walker and the late great Lou Reed, who have found new ways to articulate and express misery. Believe me, it works – this beast is a weird and wonderful creation, deserving of your attention.

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Pre-Order Naked (On Drugs) debut 7″ here:

Phill Young

Kult Country – Amongst The Dead Forever


I made a promise to myself when I started TRU LUV to avoid being one of those bloggers that only posts about a track if its a day or so old. Its a boring way to approach sharing new music as you get caught up in the race to be “first” on something instead of writing about what you love.

I mean take this video for Kult Country’s Amongst The Dead Forever, that emerged online without much fanfare back in May. A glorious collaboration with Egyptian Hip Hop’s Nick Delap, who is earning a reputation for his stunning visuals, I can’t help but feel like we’ve all missed out. The video intelligently captures through a series of eye shots, a sense of singer Yousif Al-Karaghouli’s fears, paranoia and anger.

The track itself was released on 7″ to great acclaim along with Slowburn on SWAYS. A darkly ambitious slice of psychedelica, featuring guest vocals from Ellery James Roberts.

Photograph by Steve Garside
Words by Phill Young

MACH-iV – Ropes


Beyond a soundcloud with a few followers MACH-iV no longers exists. But I believe the beginnings of a story are just as important as the middle and the end.

MACH-iV is an idea conceived by Manchester’s Sam Price-Salisbury. I wrote about him here:
Its pretty upsetting knowing a really beautiful song will remain unheard, so I felt it important to share these demo’s with you… especially as there is every chance they might be deleted at some point.

Ropes is a subtle, brooding affair.. and beautifully composed. The piano serves as a heartbeat, chiming under lovelorn vocals. Its guitars teeter on the edge, longing for a moment when they can explode into noise, but ultimately it never comes. It’s this tension that holds the song together.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Be sure to listen to the other MACH-iV tracks online, mostly featuring the tender voice of Alice Simkins: Ghosts in particular is a stunning Cocteau Twinseque piece of material.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Sam is also the lifeblood behind BLOOM who released “Lords” – a limited edition tape on SWAYS earlier this year. I’m trying to avoid putting too much pressure on him by using hyperbole but to be honest I find it very difficult to reign in my excitement. After watching him perform live with BLOOM at the Brudenell Social Club last week, I found myself glowing on the inside. I hope you glow too.

Phill Young

The Louche – Hands (From The Kites Of San Quentin Remix)


Kyoko Swan, lead singer with Manchester’s The Louche has the potential to be one of the greats: her live performances are both beautiful and brave, her songwriting as good as any of her contemporaries.
Previous releases Salt and Romantic are the kind of songs that have the capacity to steal hearts and minds. Behind the scenes however, the band have faced difficulties and upheaval. A fiery relationship nearly destroyed The Louche from within. I almost lost hope that they would return to us.

…But after darkness must come light. A renewed line-up and a headline show at Soup Kitchen with friends Father Sculptor and Emperor Zero left me speechless. I can honestly say that my excitement for the new material has reached orgasmic levels: they were simply incredible.

Which brings me to this stunning remix of Hands, recently revealed by From The Kites of San Quentin. Built around Kyoko’s voice, Kites deliver beautifully composed soundscapes of dark atmosphere and industrial texture: this is exactly the kind of forward thinking electronica that Manchester deserves.

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The original version is available to download free here:

From the Kites of San Quentin are due to return in July with a new EP titled 7.83Hz Earth Chorus on Victoria Warehouse Records

Phill Young