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Wilderness Hymnal – Phospher

wilderness hymnal

Having performed live in various guises these past few years, multi-instrumentalist GHR Leeming seems to have been content to remain in the shadows. Perhaps Manchester wasn’t quite ready… but the musical landscape here is changing and the outsiders are starting to be heard.

As Wilderness Hymnal his sound is both immersive and apocalyptic. With elements of doom-laden post-rock and electronic experimentalism combining, stand-out track Phospher is teeming with tension and ambition. Galloping drums give it momentum within the clouds of drone; his baritone vocals holding the piece together, bellowing into a cold night sky.

Wilderness Hymnal plays Night & Day Cafe on August 27th

Phill Young

Naked (On Drugs) – Lee Ann’s Skin


After much anticipation, Naked (On Drugs) have today announced details of their debut 7″ Lee Ann’s Skin, to be released on cult Salford label SWAYS. The duo, comprising of lead-singer Sebastien Perrin and guitarist Luke Byron Scott, have found themselves captivating audiences locally, thanks in no small part to Perrin’s enigmatic, almost Lynchian live performances.

Having developed a unique sound that channels the dirty guitar music of The Bad Seeds whilst drawing upon Eastern European folk, Naked (On Drugs) are joining a long tradition of artists, like Scott Walker and the late great Lou Reed, who have found new ways to articulate and express misery. Believe me, it works – this beast is a weird and wonderful creation, deserving of your attention.

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Pre-Order Naked (On Drugs) debut 7″ here:

Phill Young