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Inkling – Melopoeia


With critical acclaim being heavily lauded on debut album ‘The Shadow Of Heaven’, Charlie Cocksedge certainly had a busy 2013 as part of M O N E Y, whose growing success led to them touring internationally and announcing themselves to a mass audience at the Manchester International Festival (In a truly random moment I found myself dancing next to Hayley Cropper during their performance of Hold Me Forever)

Charlie has also been making music under the name Inkling a project that is slowly and shyly revealing itself. Recent discovery Melopoeia is a delicate piano driven track with an electronic soundscape that feels filmic, and it’s undeniably beautiful. Comparisons could be made to the minimal ambience of Olafur Arnalds, with his emotive compositions built around sparseness.

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Phill Young

Blue Bird’s Call – Vaults


Blue Bird’s Call are a mysterious new four-piece band from Paris… although a little investigative work has brought up some interesting connections, with a select group of fans already in Manchester. So, I guess it came as no surprise that debut track Vaults takes inspiration from the spiritual pop currently being channelled by MONEY. With outreaching vocals and a looming danger hidden beneath the industrial textures, Vaults really breaks free from itself around the 5 minute 20 second mark, turning into a beautifully head thumping electronica track.

An unexpected and brutally exciting way to introduce yourself.

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Phill Young

Y O U T H C U L T – May Be Myopic


Look, its very hard these days to create something truly original, and those that do are usually dismissed as oddities who could never translate ideas into mainstream success. Every artist has influences… its just some choose to wear them more brightly than others.

With that in mind Y O U T H C U L T are a Swedish outfit (brought to my attention thanks to CITR) with a sound heavily tied to Manchester’s MONEY and WU LYF – its epic, heavenly stuff with a devastating ambition. And you know what? I can’t do anything but LOVE it.

Listen and download the YOUTH CUNT EP here:

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Phill Young