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Sounds From The Other City Preview – Kult Country



Yesterday I spoke about the importance of discovery at Sounds From The Other City but today I want to focus on how the festival helps to celebrate local success. It’s fair to say most of the music scene will be there in some capacity on Sunday, and its not often we all do that now, especially since the sad demise of In The City. Mancunians are competitive but always supportive, and Sounds is the perfect platform to showcase the artists we love…

Which brings me nicely to Kult Country, a band I have probably seen more times than any other in recent years. In Yousif Al-Karaghouli, they have a frontman and leader who is able to channel his emotions on stage, involving you… daring you to join him. If you want to find yourself being flung about in a sweaty mosh pit, arms and legs flailing in the air, this is the best band to do it with. You will be embraced with open arms, part of a growing Kult.

Kult Country perform at The Old Pint Pot for Wodgodforgot and Grey Lantern.

Tickets are selling fast: grab one from Piccadilly Records, Common and online through Skiddle:

Phill Young

Kult Country – Amongst The Dead Forever


I made a promise to myself when I started TRU LUV to avoid being one of those bloggers that only posts about a track if its a day or so old. Its a boring way to approach sharing new music as you get caught up in the race to be “first” on something instead of writing about what you love.

I mean take this video for Kult Country’s Amongst The Dead Forever, that emerged online without much fanfare back in May. A glorious collaboration with Egyptian Hip Hop’s Nick Delap, who is earning a reputation for his stunning visuals, I can’t help but feel like we’ve all missed out. The video intelligently captures through a series of eye shots, a sense of singer Yousif Al-Karaghouli’s fears, paranoia and anger.

The track itself was released on 7″ to great acclaim along with Slowburn on SWAYS. A darkly ambitious slice of psychedelica, featuring guest vocals from Ellery James Roberts.

Photograph by Steve Garside
Words by Phill Young

Kult Country – Slowburn


Its always fucking exciting when one of your favourite bands creates something physical.. so thank the heavens for Sways who have announced the release of Kult Country’s Slowburn.

Beginning with the repeated yearning howls of Yousif Al-Karaghouli and slowly building into a swirling cloud of noise – Slowburn is both tender and aggressive at the same time. Prepare for your heart to be stolen, mine was taken a long time ago.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Kult Country play the Bunker on March 23rd.
Don’t miss out.

Phill Young

Kult Country – Tide

Kult Country are a band developing so fast its hard to remember who they were and predict what they might become.

I’ve been lucky enough to see them live several times this year around Manchester, each time I’ve been blown away. Songs have been shared online and later removed. Amongst The Dead Forever was a particular favourite – a glorious mess of psychedelic noise and intentionally hazy vocals that grows to an epic finale.

Singer Yousif Al-Karaghouli is a man with so many ideas that I was genuinely excited to discover a new collection of tracks. Listen to Tide below.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]