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Inkling – Stray


Forgive me for my lack of writing this past month (I almost feel like a stranger to my own blog) but after much stress and frustration, I’ve finally moved into my new home in Whalley Range. At first glance it might seem like a small self-contained apartment, but to me it represents a new beginning. The road I now find myself walking down every day is sheltered by large swaying trees, and directly opposite my front door is a beautiful old college building. Having shared living space for most of my adult life, my walls are now my own… and this sense of freedom can only be a positive thing.

Freedom is an important thing for Tru Luv too. I have no-one telling me who I can or can’t write about… no guidelines or word limits. I have no advertisers to satisfy or financial pressure to generate hits. Each discovery I make and share with you is a direct reflection of my own personal taste.

Manchester based Inkling is an artist I’ve written about before: a slow burning side project of MONEY’s Charlie Cocksedge, his productions are neither immediate nor attention seeking, but rather shy and slow revealing. Bearing resemblance to the work of minimalist composer Nils Frahm, Stray is an absorbing piece that understands the need for intimacy; each note played with the lightest of touch… a sense of growing freedom is found across it’s 9 minute duration. As I walk under these swaying trees, Stray is the perfect soundtrack to my new beginning.

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Phill Young

Inkling – Melopoeia


With critical acclaim being heavily lauded on debut album ‘The Shadow Of Heaven’, Charlie Cocksedge certainly had a busy 2013 as part of M O N E Y, whose growing success led to them touring internationally and announcing themselves to a mass audience at the Manchester International Festival (In a truly random moment I found myself dancing next to Hayley Cropper during their performance of Hold Me Forever)

Charlie has also been making music under the name Inkling a project that is slowly and shyly revealing itself. Recent discovery Melopoeia is a delicate piano driven track with an electronic soundscape that feels filmic, and it’s undeniably beautiful. Comparisons could be made to the minimal ambience of Olafur Arnalds, with his emotive compositions built around sparseness.

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Phill Young

Inkling – Aubade


One of my favourite bands to emerge out of Manchester in the last few years is M O N E Y – with a debut album coming out on Bella Union and a couple of very special performances approaching for the Manchester International Festival, it looks like they could finally be propelled into the spotlight.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Inkling, a side project by guitarist Charlie Cocksedge. Three tracks currently exist on soundcloud – my favourite is Aubade, a 5 minute composition that shimmers and shines, gathering momentum slowly to a gorgeous crescendo. More please!!

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Phill Young