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Flo Fairweather – Walls


“Your faith collapses in love again”

London’s Flo Fairweather is one of a handful of artists that I’ve found myself truly devoted to this year. With each new track she reveals, I see a growing confidence in her ideas. Heartbreakingly beautiful vocals combine seductively with the minimal and atmospheric electronica.

Walls is a revelation: closing in on 6 minutes long, its echoing beats and bleeps build patiently around that voice… at the centre of everything. Like the moon glowing in a cold night sky.

I feel a very real, unexplainable connection with Flo – I want others to feel the same way.

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Phill Young

Flo Fairweather – The Bell Jar


“To make that fire start”

One of my most exciting discoveries this year is 20 year old South Londoner Florence Fairweather. From the moment her voice emerged on The Bell Jar my heart was rendered with an overwhelming sense of relief – this is an artist I can understand and respond to.

The Bell Jar’s haunting instrumentation sleepily breaks you down and pulls you apart – a documentation of tension and desire, uncloaked and revealed.

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Phill Young