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Painted Zeros – This American Life


I found myself gazing out of the bedroom window tonight, people watching as the dark set in. My only real distraction was the reverb soaked sunlight being provided by the welcome noise of Painted Zeros.

There is a beautiful subtlety in this self-recorded track by Brooklyn native Katie Lau, bringing to mind the shambling ecstasy of Broken Social scene and the blissed out bedroom pop of Beach House. With one eye on the sky, I get the impression her sound could get bigger, more explosive. This American Life is an exercise in finding freedom, escape. I can’t imagine a better song to go looking for it.

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Phill Young

Silhouette Society – Obsessions For Saving Time


Who are Silhouette Society? Memphis duo Todd Chappell and Tiffany Harmon have arrived out of seemingly nowhere with Obsessions For Saving Time, the opener to their self-titled debut EP, and for all their mystery it is just a little bit wonderful.

It shares similar aesthetics to the La Mer track we featured earlier this year; louche, minimal and delicate dream-pop. I say louche, perhaps that’s slightly unfair – it’s beautifully paced and very carefully arranged, sounds and words subsequently tugging at heartstrings all the way. Hopefully Silhoette Society aren’t destined to remain in the shadows for too much longer.

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Mike Phillips