Rosalie 23 – Stay

Having moved to Manchester in my 20’s, I found myself drawn to a thriving alt-folk scene; Twisted Nerve, Humble Soul, Red Deer Club… all big inspirations to me, promoting between them a truly mind-blowing collection of talent that included Jane Weaver, Voice Of The Seven Woods, Nancy Elizabeth, Liz Green and The Moulettes. Finding unexpectedly beautiful new sounds on my doorstep became a regular and humbling occurrence.

It’s starting to feel like a new generation could be emerging… Elle Mary, Coasst, Tekla and Tom Hardwick-Allan… all young artists I would encourage you to investigate on this site. The discovery of Rosalie 23 is another indication we could be in for a memorable 2015. A neo-classical harpist with an operatic vocal influence, her music displays a warmth and tenderness, but it’s never afraid to pull you towards darker territory. Stay is characterised by a distinctly organic energy, like leaves spinning delicately in an autumn wind.

Phill Young