Polysemy – A Laughter From An Empty Room

Hailing from Oregon, Dalton Moehnke, or Polysemy as he’s otherwise known, puts together some enchanting experimental electronica with a strong psychedelic edge. Look Out! EP is crammed with glorious and warm soundscapes that echo everything from a Dark Side of the Moon-esque lunacy to a more contemporary Warp influence. It’s a human sound, awash with organic textures and electronic ambience – rich and inviting on the ears.

The title track opens with some sweetly delivered vocals before swiftly sidestepping convention – synths, voices and laughter collide in kaleidoscopic waves in an upbeat and colourful trip. The cartwheeling beats and progressions of A Laughter From An Empty Room float like a feather on the breeze – simple yet mesmerizing. There’s an overall feel of calm about Polysemy’s music that transcends its more off the wall moments, seducing you to abandon everything and indulge your senses. If it catches you in the right mood you’ll find you embrace it like a long lost friend.


Paul Baird