Poble – Amanecer

Poble is a bedroom producer from Cologne, Germany. The title track from his Amanecer EP is upbeat kaleidoscopic shoegaze with shades of Lush and Slowdive, sung in Spanish. This twist of Latino-flavoured exoticism makes for a strangely compelling take on a familiar sound. If your Spanish isn’t up to much, the melodies and hooks are memorable enough to rope you in.

Amanecer, meaning dawn or to dawn, creeps up on you slowly. It’s simultaneously soothing, uplifting and obscure – like artificial sunshine. The dreamy blend of processed male and female vocals is transfixing among the vibrant clatter of guitars and kitschy sounding keys. Programmed drums enhance the dynamics, bursting spectacularly into life halfway through the track with all the vividness of the rising sun. Charmingly crafted and blissfully warped.


Paul Baird