Nightbus – Exposed To Some Light

Those outside of major cities may be unfamiliar with the rite of passage that is the night bus. A sensory assault (if it comes at all!), this lawless shudder past streaking lights comes soundtracked by confrontational beats from the back row, the intertwined stench of weed and old fast-food stinging the eyes, undetermined liquids pooling in sticky corners. It’s a seedy world, the mood shifting from party to peril in an adrenaline-filled heartbeat.

Creatures of the night, new Manchester-based three-piece Nightbus reside at the centre of some outsider Venn diagram marked post-punk, new wave and goth. Prowling basslines meets shadowy production, the whispery Olive Rees (equally of her melancholy solo project Olivesque) conjuring ghosts of first wave greats as well as essential revivalists such as The Organ.

New single “Exposed To Some Light” picks up where “Way Past Three” / “Mirrors” left off, pitting whip-crack drum programmes against shimmering, spidery guitar, its seductive undertow beckoning you onto the rocks. With spooky season right around the corner, you may have just found your new favourite band.

 ‘Exposed To Some Light’ is out now via So Young Records

Words – Rob Gannon