MONEY – The Shadow Of Heaven

There are some artists for whom superlatives simply don’t work. Not that they are undeserving, far from it, but that those kinds of words fail to describe the real essence of their work, immersed as they are in the endless ping-pong tournament of one-upmanship, competitively striving for greater metaphorical heights.

Once every blue moon comes a MONEY, where if you let it, the art will force you to form a relationship with it so personal, that it becomes difficult to extrapolate from your soul. It speaks from within you, you gradually become as much a compulsive semi-conscious transmitter of it’s supposed message as you do a receiver. And so it was with The Shadow Of Heaven, falling to terra firma as it did almost a year ago; part debut album, part emotional interactive installation.

The video for the title track, it’s climatic penultima, extends us another parable upon the impassioned anthology of Jamie Lee and cohorts. It raises head and arms towards the sky, cryptically calling out the questions for which there are perhaps no answers, yet silently and crucially accepting of fate.

Perhaps it will lull us all into doing the same.

Mike Phillips