Molly Beanland – Night Dreams

Molly Beanland – not a name you’re likely to forget. Her sound is a cross pollination of US and European pop flavours, processed beats, keys and multi-layered vocals. Molly’s influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, as well as contemporary artists such as Lana Del Ray – you can hear it in her lyrics, vocal delivery and the nostalgic, retro-styled production.

With a solid grasp of pop song craft at work throughout, the anthemic Night Dreams sounds like an eighties movie soundtrack, all glitz and glamour, a subtle, slow building verse giving rise to a big, bombastic chorus. Notable for its clever use of mood and dynamics and minor to major key shifts, this track’s like a guilty pleasure – one you’ll revel in. It’s fun and catchy pop of the highest calibre – nothing self-conscious about it. Get ready to bust some moves in front of the mirror.

Paul Baird