Lorelle meets The Obsolete – Music For Dozens

If you like your music raw and energised then the wonderfully and obscurely named Mexican psych duo Lorelle meets The Obsolete are sure to make you fuzzy with delight. Their sound is highly infectious, a facsimile of an era when rock was fresh and exciting, edgy and dangerous – outsider music.

New album taster Music For Dozens sounds baked – like it’s peaking in the red. It oozes pure psychedelia. Electric guitars with their mid and treble frequencies dialled right up scratch at your ear drums, bleeding and crackling in waves of riff-rich sonic nostalgia. Lorelle’s heavily drenched vocal is hazy and pretty, swimming out of the speakers like a modern day Dorothy Moskowitz. It’s authentic sounding sixties style garage rock with all the trimmings – like the last few decades never happened. It’ll make you want to quit your job, grow your hair, take drugs and join a cult. Fabulous.


Paul Baird