Kösmonaut – Future Machines

With the release of ‘Kösmonaut II’ back in March, the massively prolific Patrick R. Pärk has already produced one of my favourite albums of the year so far. Incredibly, he’s managed to do it again, this time with forthcoming LP Future Machines.

For an artist unashamedly rocking the umlaut, it is of no surprise to find a significant germanic influence at play. Like much of the album, ‘Haus Maschine’ is a consummate wonderland of Berlin-esque heavy arpeggiated analogue polyrhythms, occasionally interrupted by searing saw waves which will happily rip your face off should you so oblige. Whilst wearing the sort of unnerving smile you only otherwise see in British Gas adverts – imagine Tangerine Dream being un-stoppingly propelled into a very bad trip and you’re about halfway there.

It’s gripping stuff, essential listening for souls already assimilated by the sinister ways of dark electronica. And still totally unmissable for everybody else.


Mike Phillips