Kintsuku – In The Mud

Manchester based Songwriter and Producer Kintsuku releases new single In The Mud. A high energy collision of anthemic alt-rock and Hyper-Pop Punch.

I found it curious that I pressed play on In the Mud just as a theatrical thunderstorm broke out in Manchester, the rain chasing after me as I ran towards the nearest tree cover, creating an immersive experience, in which nature fortuitously synced with the sound in my ears. They say timing is everything.

I find it curiouser that Kintsuku remains largely an unknown figure in the Manchester scene, when her music clearly deserves a dedicated audience here. The experience gained through live performance at a grassroots level is a vital step towards honing your craft, but the challenges faced by artists, venues and promoters during the pandemic still echo painfully on the industry, and it feels like everyone is in the process of recovery.

Kintsuku is no different, having embraced new ways of working throughout COVID, live streaming her music on Twitch and gathering a loyal fan base by involving her followers in the process of writing and recording. This very personal way of interacting led to breakout single Enough (2021), a beautifully ethereal composition, produced by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

But In The Mud feels an altogether bigger, more grittier vision, with moments of tender reflection battling with darker industrial pop tones. Drawing from personal trauma and revelations, and leaning into her love for guitar-driven music, the result is feverishly propulsive, her vulnerability shining through triumphantly. Kintsuku has delivered an ambitious creative statement here, an authentic moment of emotional catharsis that we can all get behind.

Kintsuku is preparing for her long-awaited return to the stage in 2024. 

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