Kins – Aimless

Brighton-based alternative quartet Kins make unique sounding tunes full of warm tones and off-kilter grooves. It’s not too often you hear a new band whose influences are weaved together in such a way that they defy comparison to established artists. But Kins pull off that Houdini-esque feat with real ease throughout their song Aimless.

Thomas Savage’s voice is enticing – a lovely and distinctive honeyed croak. His diction, often closer to a murmer, disguises some of the lyrics on the first couple of passes, creating an impressionistic feel amongst the rich tapestry of instrumentation from plucky guitars to lush brass. Jacqueline Collyer’s cool kitsch keyboards loom large on the off-beat. They create a drunken sway before wandering off to carve stark atmospheric melodies against the punchy backdrop of Kieran Savage’s rasping, distorted bass and Alex Knights tribal-esque, high-hat-heavy stick work. It’s a magical ride. There’s nothing aimless about it.

Paul Baird