King Of The Mountain – Zoetrope

Working For A Nuclear Free City were one of those acts that just seemed to be woven into the very fabric of Manchester, existing in a transitional era with bands like The Longcut, Air Cav, Keith and Nine Black Alps, each helping to push the music scene forward.

Producer/composer Phil Kay formed WFANFC with Gary McClure and after many years of success, both are now working on solo projects. Last year Gary released the emotive Wreaths, a timeless creation with subtle melodies. Phil under the alias King Of The Mountain, is releasing the Zoetrope LP with Melodic Records… and I have to admit I’m blown away by the ambition and gravity of the piece.

Bringing to mind the work of Jon Hopkins; it’s 6 minutes are choreographed with such beauty, I can only compare it to the most delicate ballet dancer building up her routine gracefully before she explodes across the stage leaping with total control towards the finale. Each note, each fragment of sound blissfully dancing against an industrial beat heavy backdrop, colours of noise colliding together perfectly to form it’s spectacular conclusion.

Album releases 14/4/14 on Melodic. Order CD/LP/Digital and Deluxe here:

Phill Young