Ji Nilsson – Encore

Photograph – Martina Nilsson

Stockholm’s Ji Nilsson stands out amongst the current flock of emerging female artists.. her music has a deliberate softness to it, a romanticism within her aesthetic. The production on her latest track Encore seems strongly influenced by early 2000’s r’n’b; a smoldering mid-tempo groove that would easily feel at home on a Nelly Furtado album, with it’s tribal beat and pop harmonies. There’s no attempt to hide herself behind effects and loops, no glossiness.. just faith in her own songwriting. Lyrically it deals with relationship conflict “When the song’s over, so are we”… “I’m not ready to let you go, not ready at all” and she’s an easy artist to show affinity with. There is an understated grace to what Ji Nilsson does, both vocally and emotionally.

Phill Young