Jay Stansfield – Soul Splitter

This one has left me flat out dumbfounded. Jay Stansfield has always known his way around a clever tune, as his plentiful back catalogue will attest. But never anything quite like this.

Showing scant regard for standard pop arrangement, Soul Splitter is a heady blend of ethereal sonics and impassioned vocal performance; in combination with it’s close-up one-shot video it manages to juxtapose extreme intimacy with disorientating glacial beauty. Words are delivered stream-of-consciousness style, there’s an intense struggle between dark and light forces happening here – I’ll leave it to you to decide which one wins.

As a taster for the January 2015-due album Birth & Death, it’s an intriguing entrée, and such an unexpected departure from his previous work that one can only wildly speculate as to where else this trip might take us.



Mike Phillips