Jack Crawford – How Many Kids

If the most certain part of life is death, then the second is that many will die too soon. Needlessly.

My father died feeding the birds

It could be any of us. It could be anywhere. It could be you, it could be me. This existence we so often treasure not nearly dearly enough – it’s so incredibly and inconsistently temporary.

My mother cries when the drones attack

Against all odds we’ve been granted the gift of consciousness, won the lottery of life. Human life is just too precious, jumps through far too many hoops simply to be allowed the right to exist, to allow it to be taken away by the maniacal genocide of ethnic cleansing.

My sister went up to the wall…

Tyranny holds so many forms; it could blow our brains out instantly or it could slowly and silently neuter the human spirit, covertly forcing us to relinquish our collective potential. Perhaps we just don’t realise that together we have the choice – the responsibility – of affecting the status quo. We could transcend this plastic fallacy of democracy in a heartbeat.

…she threw a rock and a bullet came back

In any case, the best questions are the ones whose power will never be outweighed by that of the answer; they stir and linger, they remain resonant long after the words have gone.

Israel, USA…how many kids did you kill today?


How Many Kids taken from Jack Crawford’s 2013 release ‘Hunger’
Available to download here: http://jackcrawford.bandcamp.com/album/hunger

Video by Alex McKenzie
Photography taken from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/occupation-part-iii/

Mike Phillips