Isaiah The Mosaic – The Obvious/Systems Distraught

Texas 5-piece Isaiah The Mosaic make understated dreamy pop music with a psychedelic twist, and while I try not to permit myself to have favourites it would require formidable willpower not to be entirely charmed by their cosmic grasp.

Lead track on their new “Systems” EP, (released via River Jones Music) “The Obvious” has an amazing dynamic whereby rather than denoting changes by sounds audibly entering and leaving the frame, they appear to multiply and divide at opportune moments, like sweeping gestures of planetary alignment not immediately identifiable to the human eye.

In closer “Systems Distraught”, while warm swathes of reverberant wash still colourfully guide us through their delicately constructed world, their often playful rhythms have been discarded for a more downtempo arrangement. I can’t hear it without at least making a minor double-take for the first Engineers album, which considering my lasting adoration of that particular record, is praise indeed.

Mike Phillips