Gutenberg – Net Complex

I forever long for music to console and soothe the sonic ache perpetuated by an endless daily grind. However, in this instance Gutenburg from Nagoya, Japan (the slightly ambiguous efforts of Google Translate suggest this ‘techno-unit’ consists of two contributory minds, Sakurai and Terasawa) have produced something so uniquely persistent and pummelling that it becomes impossible to ignore via ordinary means.

Net Complex, is at the very least, as complex as it is docile and gentle (i.e not at all). But the manner in which this minimal industrial pattern and associated digital bell effects morph and distort, slowly drilling their briskly paced synthetic charms through human skull is fascinating. It is the barely concealed warmth which is so appealing; a glut of dance music sub-genres so frustratingly saturated by unflattering aural palettes, tired cliches and stock magic tricks here find themselves tastefully revitalised.

Mike Phillips