Go Native – Dunes

A crop of Manchester bands emerged a few years ago, celebrated by the media as the return of a forward thinking city: Airship, Everything Everything, Run Toto Run, Dutch Uncles, Young British Artists, Delphic and Egyptian Hip Hop. Manchester has of course evolved again since, now more confident to champion artists with different ideas and visions, more comfortable with our identity and history. It seems there is room for everyone in this modern Manchester landscape.

Go Native are reminiscent of early Delphic, with ideas and sounds destined for venues far bigger than the ones they are currently confined to. Dunes is a lustrous, pupil-dilating anthem-in-waiting. It’s immediate and assured, marrying dancefloor electronics with artrock. Ambition is often sneered at, but this kind of musical intent is to be admired.


Phill Young