Freddie Dickson – Shut Us Down

Freddie Dickson set the blogosphere on fire recently with debut track Shut Us Down.
Its pretty easy to understand why, its effortlessly cool pop music, pure emotion captured in gorgeous harmonies. For this reason he’s already finding himself (unfairly) being compared to Lana Del Ray. I found this a little odd since Lana, although good at what she does, is an artificial idol. Are we saying the same about Dickson? His voice alone has more soul, more human frailty – without even digging deeper into his background.

I resisted the urge to post this song when it first appeared because I wanted to know whether the song would still be exciting me a few weeks later. It is. The video, directed by Charlotte Rutherford is constructed using old family footage and adds another layer of mystery to an unfolding story.

Phill Young