“This is the place we met and from here we can proceed. A crossfade between the two of us.” – FAE

OH MY LORD. I needed this!! FAE may never realise just how much début track RUOK has affected me, but it feels like I’ve just been brought back to life. A moment of pure ecstasy breaking it’s way through the dark swirling confusion of my mind…

Having previously made music as Battlekat (who created a hype storm with the mysterious campaign ‘Just A Number 05272011’) Copenhagen based duo Jeppe Madsen and Matilde Böcher have re-invented themselves, sweeping away the dark, glitchy electronica of old and replacing it with the sound of euphoria. Emerging like a butterfly from it’s cocoon are Böcher’s unmistakable vocals, taking you to the edge of heaven, before falling away into a dream.


Phill Young